Novozymes Enzymes

Novozymes is the world leader in industrial enzymes and Iosynth is a Novozymes distributor and close partner of Novozymes in India. We offer the full Novozymes portfolio for biocatalysis to our customers.

Novozymes Headquarters

Novozymes produces enzymes for almost all applications. Customers around the world trust enzymes from Novozymes on a daily basis. Novozymes is uniquely positioned to offer bulk enzymes at a consistent superior quality and at a competitive price. This piece of mind is particularly useful in biocatalysis applications.

Some of Novozymes' biocatalysis enzymes are highly researched and famous in the field of biocatalysis.

Novozymes Enzymes for Biocatalysis
Novozym 435
Lipozyme CalB L
Novocor AD L
Lipozyme TL 100L
Novozym 51032
Catazyme 25L
BAN 480L
Toryzyme 3.0L
Resinase HT
Lecitase Ultra
Palatase 20000L

If your required Novozymes enzyme is not listed here, please contact us with details.